Sunday, October 18, 2009

Valencia 0 - Barcelona 0 : Goal less effort... still on top of the league

Valencia 0 - Barcelona 0

It was a no nonsense match, with Valencia offering a very physical but well thought contest against an apparently tired Barça. In the first half Valencia had the few main chances, putting Valdés on the spotlight as the best player of this half. With Messi and Pedro dissapeared, it was Xavi and Iniesta who put the main offensive effort.

On the second part, things didn't seem to change, with Pablo having a near shot by Valdes. As time passed, Barça began to appropriate the match, ending with over 60% ball possession and having some near misses from Messi and Pedro.

This is the first Valencia - Barça draw in 40 years, but lacking the goals, it had plenty of real football, with both teams giving it all for the win. Barça stays leader with one point difference to Madrid.

Valencia 0 - Barcelona 0 - Highlights


Valencia: César, Miguel, David Navarro, Dealbert, Bruno,
Pablo, Albelda (Maduro, m.89), Banega, Mathieu (Miku, m.71), Silva
(Baraja, m.90+) y Mata.

FC Barcelona: Valdés, Dani Alves, Puyol, Piqué, Abidal, Touré Yayá, Keita, Xavi (Busquets, m.80), Iniesta, Pedro (Bojan, m.78) y Messi.

Referee: Pérez Burrull (comité cántabro).

Sanctions: Valencia: Silva, David Navarro, Albelda and Banega.  Barcelona: Piqué and Alves.

Notes: Played at Mestalla before 50.000 spectators. Field in good condition. Players appeared on the field with a banner that read: "Poorness Zero. Rebel against poorness"

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