Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prematch time: FC Barcelona - Real Zaragoza

Ens hi deixem la pell - We give it all

It's comeback time, baby! Well, maybe not that critical, though, but we all want our Barça to be back. For what is worth, it has been only two matches and that may not constitute as a crisis, but it's election time at Barcelona's and anything can be used to disrupt the sensation that we still have the best team in the world.

Chygrynskiy back for sunday?

Luckily, we'll recover Henry and Chygrynskiy (has somebody thought of a nickname yet??) for this match. At least, they may play some minutes if all goes well. Also, Puyol has renewed his contract with Barça until 2013, that means all that crazy talk about him being in the Robinho's transfer package will be over.

We have some quotes for you:

Talking about end of an era it's quite silly.


My hopes where that Puyol would stay

- Txiki Begiristain

Barcelona it's not doing bad, they're just humans

- Juan Pablo Carrizo, Zaragoza's goalkeeper

(the picture is from FC Barcelona's new campaign Ens hi deixem la pell - We give it all, wich tries to encourage people to go to the matches and support the team as match attendance hasn't been that good, lately)

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