Friday, October 16, 2009

Valencia vs FC Barcelona (La Liga edition): What are the odds?

Here we are again, testing our beliefs against the betting world. This match will be difficult as it always is against Valencia. Villa is rumored not to be playing, although you never now if that's just a tactic. Henry is also out. Being a post national team match, you may never know if the players are up to speed again. These are tricky matches.

We seached at the odds for this match. As it is an away match, they're not as much in favour. The best paid option is, of course, a Barça defeat, but a draw isn't that bad either. Seeing Barça win won't give you much money as they seem to be at about 8/11 :

Bookie offers on FCBarcelona vs Valencia

To make things more interesting, you can also bet for an exact result. The common sense one, 2-1, 2-0 or 1-0 (this last one being the highest one) victory for Barça are the most betted on. If you want to play with fire , try betting for a 5-2 for Barça, wich is a result that's happened before or if you want to get real rich, maybe think about a 9-0 (wich is paid 100 to 1):

Valencia - Fc Barcelona Correct Score Best Betting Odds

We also searched for the first player to score, Ibra has some advantage on this field against Messi. Injured players Henry and Villa appear third and fourth, I guess it would be quite a susprise if they scored, being it's most likely they won't play.

Valencia - Barcelona - First scorer best betting odds

As we said, tough match in Valencia. These are the ones that really win the championships. My prediction? A 1-3 victory, with Messi, Ibra and Alves scoring (I can dream, can't I?)

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Welcome back, Messi!

Messi vs The Press

After the two match final that was Argentina World Cup qualifier matches, Messi is back in Barcelona and ready to play. The player arrived to Barcelona at 15:00h, Barcelona time, on a private plane. He didn't commented on Maradona remarks to the press in wich he says that: "For those who didn't believe in this team, for those who treated me like shit, today we are in the World Cup."

Messi, when answered if he was willing to play on Saturday against Valencia, he replied:

"It depends on the coach, but I'm ready'

He was also happy that Barça had brought him back on a private plane:

"It's important to arrive before schedule, thanks to the club I have days to rest"

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Piqué scores first goal in a historic match (Bosnia 2 - Spain 5)

Spain just made history winning Bosnia in a 2 -5 and becoming the third national team to have won all the Word Cup qualifier matches, after Brasil in 1970 and Germany in 1982.

Even though Xavi, Villa and other were watching at home, due to their respective injuries,  Spain didn't have much trouble and after scoring twice on the first half, with Piqué scoring the first of them, had an easy second half, conceding two goals at the end of the match.

Bosnia 2 - Spain 5 - Full Highlights

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barça and Manchester City reach 'temptative agreement' over Robinho


This just in. According to catalan newspaper Sport, 'all that stands between Robinho and a winter switch to Barcelona is the approval of Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour'.

The contracts are prepared, and Sport articles points out, an agreement between the player and Barça is nearly ready. Robinho will earn the same as in Manchester City, about 6.2 millions of euros.

The transfer fee that Barça offers is 35 millions of euros and it only awaits City's owner Mansour approval.

About the player's performance, Barcelona believes the player has matured and he's  ready to show he's real value giving Barça even more bench depth.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Barça Weekly Digest 1 (5th Oct to 11th Oct)

Today I start a weekly digest all things Barça. This will be a compilation of the best blog posts and also the most important news on Barcelona's world. Lets start.

Biggest news of the week is Barça wanting Robinho and Fabregas:

- Robinho could be a January target for Barça (The Independent)
- Fabregas nears Barcelona switch (ExtraFootie)

What about Barça players on their national teams? It was a WorldCup qualifier week:

- Diego Forlan relishes Uruguay's 'battle of life and death' with Argentina (Daily Telegraph)
- World Cup Debate: Should Fabregas Be One of Spain's Untouchables? (

Next weekend Valencia plays against Barça at Mestalla Stadium, being a WorldCup week there hasn't been much talk:

- We can beat Barcelona - Valencia's keeper Cesar (
- David Villa makes progress in race to face Barça (
- El regreso por lesión de Xavi a Barcelona crispa el entorno de la selección (Xavi's injury related coming back to Barcelona irritates national's team entourage (

That's all. See you next week.