Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Quote Time: Barcelona 6 - Zaragoza 1 Edition

I never doubt of Messi
- Guardiola

Fist time of the season we knew how to read spaces
- Guardiola

Ibra is a huge player and every match our connection is better
- Messi

I get more attention, me and space. We are working on it because the coach asked for it
- Ibrahimovic

I'm happy but I am not a goal scorer. If (Leo) Messi or Ibrahimovic scores, it's better for the team.
- Keita

Puyol is a bit of a whiner
- Guardiola

(I love this quote)

We din't got the ball because the coach asks the players to give it to the opponent
- Marcelino García Toral (Zaragoza´s coach) angrily asking to a repoter's question about Zaragoza's lack of ball possesion


n. said...

i cant believe pep would ever say that about puyol!

D. said...

@erin Well, it was really a joke about how Puyol wanted to be substituted because of an injury sometime on the match against Zaragoza and Pep wouldn't let him to. But Pep also said Puyol's very strong and that's why he never gets injured.

n. said...

oh okay. you had me worried for a minute there :(