Saturday, October 31, 2009

Highlights: Osasuna - Barcelona (UPDATED)


Barça did all the right things to merit a clear win, but in the last minute an auto goal (Piqué), equalized the match. Barça stays on top of La Liga, but misses a good opportunity.

End of 2nd Half : Osasuna 1 - Barcelona 1

90+ Goal Goal by Piqué (1-1) Inside the six-yard box.

Osasuna 1 - Barcelona 1 (Pique autogoal)

72:55 Goal Goal by Keita (0-1) After a pass from Puyol. From inside the area.

Osasuna 0 - Barcelona 1 (Keita)

2nd Half Starts

End of 1st Half

00:53 Shot Chance for Messi. with left foot. After a rebound. Ricardo saves.

Chance for Messi

1st Half Starts

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