Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marketplace: Now Piqué... Will it be a shopping spree?

Gerad Piqué at Manchester Utd (Photo: Eurosport)

I guess it depends on what we sell to finance all this new players. Some clubs seem to be interested on buying, like Inter asking price for Eto'o, Deco and Giovani (I guess they want some kind of 'bundle pack',). We'll be seeing new faces at Nou Camp, but european clubs, knowing Barça is in need of renovation may rise the price of adquisitions (some would say it's a free market, I guess).

There are talks about Ibrahimovic, but just that. Mourinho is soon to coach Inter and he may not want Ibrahimovic as he would prefer Drogba from his former team Chelsea. The price may be a swap with Eto'o, a player that I wouldn't sell as I believe will rise again next season.

Talking about Gerard Piqué, he's a central defender, who played at Manchester Utd, but comes from Barcelona (he is one of Barça's former vicepresidents grandson and played on Barça's youth clubs until 2004 when he left for Manchester). He hasn't played that much, although he played at Zaragoza (where he scored two goals and played 22 matches) for one year as a loan from Manchester, but he has been a regular at Spain's national team.

Gerard Piqué signs for Barça (r10ljung Youtube's channel)

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